A limited edition t-shirt with the purchase of an IAM THE SEA watch

More than 300 million tons of plastic waste are produced every year worldwide. Only 9% of these are recycled, while the rest is incinerated, discarded or taken to landfills. Recycling plastic is essential to protect the environment because, despite being one of the most used, it is not a biodegradable material. Suffice it to say that small quantities of plastic such as bags or bottles need about 200 years to be disposed of naturally.

For these reasons, #IAM has decided to make its contribution by involving #Tide and creating a collection of watches all made of recycled plastic. In this way, oceanic plastic waste was transformed into a high-quality material: a versatile granular material that made it possible to create a sustainable watch with unique characteristics. Analog and in different colors, the watches of the IAM THE SEA Collection are innovative and sustainable. The new IAM THE SEA watches aim at a new vision that knows how to combine sustainability and design, going beyond just the functional aspect.

The new IAM THE SEA analog watches want to combine the inspirations of the past with the clean design of the present to express a new way of being, a new dimension with a product that increasingly respects our planet.

Looking to the future today means using recycled materials and taking concrete actions and this is what IAM is doing with the new collection of analog watches in recycled plastic: four M size watches and four L size watches in seven different colors. Discover the collection and choose the color that best suits you.

But the news did not end here, throughout the summer and while stocks last, with the purchase of an IAM THE SEA watch, you will receive the very stylish limited edition T-shirt as a gift!

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