This Warranty is offered by Diffusione Orologi srl for the I AM brand for a better service of assistance for the consumer and does not replace or even limit the rights guaranteed by the law in compliance with the prescription of Directive 1999/44 / EC, as implemented in Italy from legislative decree n.24 of 2 February 2002, concerning the sale and guarantee of consumer goods. It is therefore free for the consumer to make use of the legal rights concerning the warranty or to activate the forms of protection and assistance set forth in this voluntary present warranty.
The present warranty consists in repairing the watch at free replacement of the components which are recognized by the manufacturer as faulty or, if the repair is not considered possible or convenient by Diffusione Orologi, the replacement of the watch with another identical product only, or, if this is not possible, the replacement of the watch with another having the same or similar technical-functional characteristics as the one replaced. Without prejudice to any rights granted to the purchaser by mandatory provisions of the law, they are therefore excluded from the guarantee given under this certificate, among other things:
A) Flaws attributable to the consumer himself and due to methods of use or maintenance or storage that do not comply with the provisions of the user and maintenance manual or common sense;
B) Normal wear and tear of the product or its parts and components. This warranty is void if the product is repaired by unauthorized personnel or with non-original or non-compliant parts meeting the necessary safety and quality requirements. The occurrence of an operating defect does not entail the extension of the warranty period beyond the terms indicated in this certificate, which is mandatory. In no case will the product be replaced outside the hypothesis contemplated in this paragraph..
If the consumer detects an operating flaw that occurs in the 24 months following the purchase of the new product, Diffusione Orologi s.r.l. for the I AM brand undertakes to guarantee the warranty services referred to in paragraph 1 above through its network of authorized sales points.
Once the existence of any operating flaws has been verified, the consumer can contact the retailer from whom he purchased the I AM product, which will take care of delivering the watch to the SERVICE CENTER authorized by Diffusione Orologi srl … At the time of the request of the intervention, proof of purchase of the product must be provided, which must be no more than 24 months before the intervention request (receipt or receipt).
Or the consumer can decide to send the defective watch directly to the SERVICE CENTER authorized by Diffusione Orologi for the I AM brand, to the address:
Diffusione Orologi srl
Opsobjects c/o Interporto Campano LOTTO D. N.315/316
For any information, you can contact the customer directly at info@iamthewatch.com
This Warranty can be registered by filling in the form below, which must be sent in a sealed envelope to:
Diffusione Orologi s.r.l. – I AM
From home through our website https://www.iamthewatch.com/ in the Warranty section present in Customer Service.
I accept the privacy terms (Legislative Decree 196/2003)
I read and accept the warranty conditions, including receiving communications from I AM.

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