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A breath of fresh air and pure style to mark time in an original way. Analog and innovative models, which come in two different sizes and an incredible variety of colors. Hours, minutes and seconds are marked by the hands that move against a background with clearly visible indexes or numbers. A strong style with a #MadeInItaly design. Bold and bright colors but also more classic shades: everyone can find their own style. Discover the collection and start a journey to be discovered!

Unmissable Models


Color, design and retro look characterize digital models declined for both men and women. Designed for those who love to break the rules, for those who do not hide but show themselves, for those who have energy and personality and run every day to discover the world. Versatile and transformable digital watches with super colorful accessories: straps, cases and bumpers!

Whoever wears I AM looks at his watch and is not afraid of the passing of time: on the contrary, he chases it looking for what he likes best.

Vintage, Casual, Trendy, these are the words which characterize digital watches.

The 90s style that returns.

Unmissable Models


Colore, design e look rétro caratterizzano modelli declinati sia al maschile che al femminile. Pensato per chi ama rompere le regole, per chi non si nasconde ma si mostra, per chi ha energia e personalità e corre ogni giorno alla scoperta del mondo. Orologi digitali versatili e trasformabili grazie agli accessori: cinturini, casse e bumper tutti super colorati!

Chi indossa I AM guarda il suo orologio e non teme il tempo che passa: anzi, lo rincorre cercando ciò che più gli piace.

VintageCasualTrendy, sono queste le parole che accomunano gli orologi digitali.

Uno stile di orologi anni ‘90 che ritorna.

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