Sespo, teenagers ‘idol and I AM testimonial, meets his fans at La Reggia Designer Outlet

Sespo I AM

Sunday April 7th | from 4 to 7 pm

There’s a new benchmark in the contemporary watch landscape; a new brand is born: I AM. Conceived for modern ladies and gents, it points to Z Generation and Millennials, to high school, college students and young professionals, to fashion victims, globetrotters, vintage lovers and high-tech enthusiasts. To who love breaking rules. To who never hides but shows off. To who love sharing thoughts and feelings on socials. To who after watching a video on YouTube, and posting an Instagram story, look for the right outfit on Pinterest. To who love discovering the world every day with passion and energy. To those who enjoy life at affordable costs.

Diffusione Orologi, company which has always attentive to language of young people and to social medias, and which is always surfing the net to catch new and originals trends, found the perfect match for its concept in Sespo, young YouTuber and digital influencer. Officially called Edoardo Esposito, at just 19 years old this guy counts more than 1 million subscribers on his YouTube channel and almost 800k on Instagram (find him @Sespo). Considered one of the most followed Italian teenagers rising on the web, Edoardo meets his fans at Piazza delle Palme this Sunday April 7th from 4 to 7pm. I AM watches will be on sale from 10 am at I M POP-UP store, displayed at Passaggio dei Fiori: purchasing a watch will directly give you access to the special meeting with Sespo.

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